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The Children must wear appropriate footwear for PE. Sometimes teachers have extra PE or take the children out for games on other days. On these occasions some children may not be wearing runners. We would like to ask if you could donate any old runners (in reasonable condition) to the school so all children could take part in any unscheduled games/sports.

There is a direct link between school attendance and pupil progress. Your co-operation with maintaining high attendance and punctuality is greatly appreciated.

The passing out of invitations or cards must take place outside of school hours. This ensures that no child is excluded or hurt.

If for some reason a family misses out on a newsletter or other notices please drop into the office where we keep spare copies.

The Parents’ Association Committee would like any parent who wishes to get involved with the school to email the following email address with their details

We urge parents of children for all classes to fill in the absence forms in their child’s homework journal if their child has missed a day from school.



Collins Lane, Tullamore,

Co. Offaly.

Tel: 05793 61190

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