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Welcome to our School Blog! This year, 6th Class are in charge of maintaining the blog. Let us introduce ourselves first. We are a small class of 12 children, 7 girls and 5 boys. Our names are Farheen, Harijs, Kayleigh, Eurika, Erik, Aicha, Tauti, Rio, Anastasia, Julia, Matthew and Viktorija. We are really looking forward to our final year in primary school. Tús maith leath na hoibre!

Autumn Arrives!

Yellow the bracken, golden the sheaves,

Rosy the apples, crimson the leaves,

Mist on the hillside, clouds grey and white,

Autumn, good morning, and summer, goodnight!


Autumn signals a return to school and a change of season. Autumn was also the theme for our Ethical Curriculum studies.

iMovie Project.

For the past couple of weeks, we have been working hard on our iMovie project. Our teacher, with Farheen’s help, used Apple TV to demonstrate how to use the app on our iPads. We learned very quickly how to add media, music, voiceover and filters. We worked in groups of three to make a movie entitled “Our School”. We thoroughly enjoyed the venture and asked Cathy to choose the winning project. Congratulations Aicha, Eurika and Harijs. Please click on the link below and enjoy!



We have teamed up with our peers in The Rock National School, Mountmellick, to write letters to each other as Gaeilge! We are really enjoying getting to know them so far and it’s exciting to send letters to each other, whilst also improving our level of Irish.

Abairtí Iontacha!

Scríobh Farheen na habairtí seo a leanas. Maith thú Farheen! Deánann cleachtadh máistreacht, mar a deireann an múinteoir!

  1. Ólaim uisce gach lá mar bíonn tart orm.
  2. Ghlaoigh Mamaí ar na páistí mar bhí an dinnéar réidh.
  3. Go tobann, shleamhnaigh an rúnaí agus thit sé ar an talamh.



John Alfred is a chess tutor who comes in to 4th class. They are having great fun learning the rules of chess and are thoroughly enjoying the experience. Hopefully they will teach us how to play chess in the near future.

Maths Week 2016

img_0041 img_0049img_0054

All classes participated in Maths week activities. We really enjoyed it. The theme of our Maths Week was “Time”. We made different types of clocks for art, to include digital and analogue times. Some of us were very creative adding Roman numerals. Also, we completed a daily time challenge and played time bingo. Other classes completed Maths trails and played games on the iPads.

International Food Day.

On Thursday, 20th October, we celebrated World Food day. Everyone brought in food samples from their native countries. We really overindulged as everything was so tasty!!

img_0069 img_0079

Aiste: Timpiste

(Aicha wrote this Irish essay. She did a really good job and has made much progress already. Well done!)

Lá breá i dtús an Earraigh a bhí ann. Bhíomar ag dul go Baile Átha Cliath. Thógamar an traein. Shuigh mé i gcarráiste a naoi. Bhí mo chara ina suí in aice liom. Bhí fear ina shuí ós ár gcómhair. Nuair a d’fhág an traein an stáisiún, thosaigh mé agus mo chara ag caint agus thit an fear ina chodladh.

Shroicheamar Baile Átha Cliath leathuair níos déanaí. Shiúileamar amach ar an ardán. Bhuaileamar lenár gcairde. Go tobann, chualamar scread! Chas mé timpeall agus chonaic mé an fear ar an talamh. Rith bean chuige. “Cad a tharla?” arsa sise. “Shleamhnaigh mé ar an gcraiceann banana agus bhris mé mo chos” arsa an fear bocht. Thóg sí a fón póca amach as a mála láimhe agus chuir sí fios ar an otharcharr. Tar éis tamaill, tháinig an t-otharcharr. Um thrathnóna, chuamar ar chuairt chuige. Bhí sé ina shuí sa seomra suí. Bhí a chos an-phianmhar. Bhí trua agam dó. Bhí sé tuirseach traochta agus ní raibh sé ró-shásta!!

Le Aicha Chalouche.

Creative Writing Extract: My First Race. 

The Colosseum was packed with people from all over Rome. It was my first race so I was very excited, mixed with a tinge of fear. Silence descended amongst the crowd. This was it! Then the fanfare of trumpets went, signifying the starting signal. The crowd gave out a great roar of excitement …..

By Matthew Coyle.

Tullamore College Science Day

Here in 6th Class we have been very busy over the last few months. We have not had time to update our blog, but we’re back now and ready to tell you all the wonderful things that we have been doing. Here is a photostory of our day spent in the Tullamore College partaking in all of the cool and interesting experiments. Take a look and see what we got up to!

Offaly Eason Spelling Bee County Final

Our school hosted the Offaly Eason Spelling Bee County Final on March 8th. Hayley Case from 5th class took part in the spelling bee and made it to the knockout round.

A sample of these words were Round 1: grape Round 2: foreign Round 3: horizontal Round 4: nonsense Round 5: nostalgia Round 6: mellifluous Round 7: psaligraphy Knock Out Round: magnanimity, neanderthal 

Well done Hayley for partaking and getting so far!!!

6th Class History project on Native Americans

Here in 6th class we love doing projects and presenting them to each other. In History we did a project on Native Americans. We made some types of costume, such as head bands with feathers to illustrate the native dress of this culture. We had lots of fun doing this project. Take a look at our gallery and the hard work we put into completing our projects.

Friendship Week- 2017


For Friendship Week, we in 6th class decided to make a a Friendship Tree and each day we wrote an anonymous note to someone in the class with a compliment or a nice thing to say to each other. The teacher then collected them and gave everyone a note to read aloud to the person it was written to. We loved this activity and we are thinking of extending our Friendship Week. Friendship Week helped to raise our awareness of belonging and how we feel at peace in ourselves, with the people around us and in our environment. We hope everyone enjoyed their Friendship Week, and always remember, Be Kind to one another.

Engineers Week

Engineers Visit on March 9th.

As it is Engineer’s week this week we had a visit from Brendan who works as a Mechanical Engineer for Bord na Mona. He came into our school and spoke to 5th and 6th class about all the different types of engineering. We were so excited to share all of our knowledge and learning with Brendan. We had a great time doing experiments, Carolina from 5th class demonstrated an experiment for us. Brendan also showed us a video about the Magnus Effect. We demonstrated aerodynamics through making a paper aeroplane and we tested out the best design and how far each plane flew through the air. We had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you to Brendan and to Bord na Mona for taking the time to come to our school. Here are some pictures for you to see how much fun we had learning.

Low Energy Day: March 10th

Today we had a Low Energy Day in school. We are hoping to receive a Green Flag for all of our efforts in sustaining energy throughout our school. Today we had a presentation of our projects on different types of energy. The senior classes were asked to participate and to make projects and present them to members of the Offaly County Council. We had enormous fun making all of our projects. Some of the different types of energy that we displayed  were Kinetic Energy, Potential Energy, Chemical Energy and Electrical Energy. We had lots of fun presenting to the junior classes in our school as well as all of the teachers. We all worked really hard on these projects and we think it shows from these pictures. Take a look at our photostory to get a glimpse of the fun learning that happens here at Tullamore Educate Together N.S.

Seachtain na Gaeilge- An Céilí

Tá traidisiún iontach i Scoil ag Foghlaim le Chéile chun Seachtain Na Gaeilge a cheiliúradh. Tá na ranganna go léir á ghlacadh páirt ag tarraingt pictiúir, ag canadh amhráin, ag foghlaim rannta agus ag damhsa. Dé hAoine seo chaite, fuair na ranganna go léir seans chun triail a bhaint as cúpla céimeanna rince agus bhí an-sport acu!!!

Junk Couture- SHS

On Thursday March 23rd, the 5th and 6th class girls were very fortunate to be invited to the Sacred Heart School in Tullamore to watch their dress rehearsal for the Junk Couture Fashion Show. It was amazing!!!The girls thoroughly enjoyed looking at all of the fabulous creations that the TY girls had made. Some of our 6th class girls cannot wait to start in the school next September so that they too can have a chance to show off their fashion flare. Take a look at our gallery to see some of the show stopping designs.

Girls Football Team- Educate Together N.S

Educate Together N.S vs Geashill N.S

Well done to the girls football team who played against Geashill N.S. They played a fantastic game in Geashill under the excellent coaching of Shauna and James. Well done to the girls for playing their first match as Educate Together N.S. We look forward to many more matches in the future. Watch this space for future updates!!

Boys Football Team

Educate Together N.S vs Lumcloon N.S

We want to send a huge congratulations to the boys football team for their super victory against Lumcloon N.S, in O’ Brien Park.The boys had a whopping win of 6-07 to 3-03. Our main scorers of the day were:

Goals: Joshua- 2, Rio- 2, Sean- 2.

Points: Nathan- 1, Joshua- 2, Rio- 2, Sean- 1, Harry G- 1.

Again, all of this could not have been possible without their fantastic and dedicated coaches- James and Shauna.

Well done boys!!!

Enterprise Student Awards

Karolina from 5th class was chosen to represent our school at the Enterprise Student Awards. Karolina makes intricate and wonderful pieces of art. She is dedicated to her craft and does a wonderful job.

Well done Karolina!!! Check out some of the pictures from the day and her amazing crafts that she made herself!

Guest Speaker

We had a guest speaker in our school on Thursday April 6th by the name of the Nutty Professor.

He came in and did various experiments of kinetic energy whilst also filling the hall with his own energy of laughter and smiles. 3rd to 5th class were invited to go and partake in the workshop and they had lots of fun whilst learning all about the different types of energy.

Some of the experiments included mading instruments out of straws and performing for the other classes and making a bottle of coke explode with mentos sweets.

The Nutty Professor is welcome back to our school any time as we enjoyed it immensely.

The Peace Run in Ireland- April 27th, 2017

Peace means a flood of love in the world-family—Sri Chinmoy, Run Founder

The Peace Run has been bringing people together in a spirit of friendship and oneness for over 25 years, in Ireland and all over the World.

Today we were very lucky to welcome the Peace Run participants into our school for a talk on the wonderful work they are doing through spreading peace and love throughout the world. The simple aim of this non-profit event is to foster goodwill among people of all nations. It is organized and financed entirely by local volunteers.

The international team will commence their run in the east via Loughrea and Tullamore to Dublin before departing for Wales.As the runners go from country to country they will visit schools, community groups, country leaders, dignitaries and athletes, sharing the ideals of mutual encouragement, teamwork and peace in our day-to-day lives. The runners travel 5,000 km through 15 European countries, finishing in Minsk on 7 July.

We were very lucky to have the opportunity to hold the torch. The torch has been held by many prominent people such as Pope Francis, Pope John Paul II, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Bill Clinton, Mikhail Gorbachev and sports personalities such as Muhammad Ali and Carl Lewis.

A special mention to Matas from 4th class who was thrilled to hold the torch.

6th class enjoying the sunshine together after having their lunch al fresco!!!


Cumann na mBunscoil Football Final- May 17th, 2017

On Wednesday, our boys football team got to the final of the Cumann na mBunscoil football final. This was the first year that Tullamore Educate Together has been involved in this competition and we got into the final!!!! We are all so proud of the boys and the tremendous effort and dedication it took to get this far.

Tullamore Educate Together N.S were playing Rashina N.S in the final. Although having a super first half and being 2 points up at half time, we were unfortunately beaten in the second half. However, the boys were absolutely brilliant and we saw some real talent on the pitch from the starting whistle to the final blow.

The rest of the school played a huge role in supporting the boys in their final. Everyone came in dressed in the schools colours- blue and white- and cheered the boys on. We even had our own cheerleaders. Take a look at some of our pictures to see all of the excitement and the school spirit that was involved on the day.

Lastly, we would like to give a special mention to Shauna and James for the huge amount of work that went in to getting the boys to the final. Well done!!

5th Class Butterflies

Recently 5th class took on a very interesting project. They grew their own butterflies!!!

With the help of their teacher Shauna, 5th class grew 5 caterpillars into 5 beautiful butterflies. They did this in their own classroom and watched each day as the caterpillars emerged from their cocoons and became butterflies.

This project specialised in educational products through the use of Live Butterfly Kits and brought science to life in the classroom. The children were given a friendly, hands-on approach to insect metamorphosis, entomology and life-cycle learning of the butterflies.

Take a look at some of our pictures of releasing the full grown butterflies into nature.

GAA Jersey Day- Friday, June 9th, 2017.

Today, our school took part in the National Schools Jersey Day for the fundraiser to raise money for the Faithful Fields development. The whole school was encouraged to wear in their favourite jersey or t-shirt. We took lots of pictures. Take a look and see everyone who took part on the day!

All the photos can be seen on the Offaly Gaa Website and social media accounts.

Facebook: Official Offaly GAA

Twitter: Offaly_GAA


Cumann na mBunscoil- Sunday, June 11th, 2017.

Shannon from 4th class was chosen by James and Shauna to represent our school at the Cumann na mBunscoil girls football interval match between Offaly vs Westmeath in O’Connor Park on Sunday June 11th.

Shannon played at half time during the interval for the Leinster Championship games involving the Offaly Senior teams.

Well done Shannon, you were great representation for the school and we are all so proud of you!

6th Class Graduation Ceremony Video Montage

6th Class Rowing Field Trip- June 19th, 2017

Today 6th class had the opportunity to go rowing with Offaly Rowing Club. Our teachers Ciaran and Aisling brought us out.

We were brought to Offaly Rowing Club in Cappincur to learn how to row and get a feel for the water. We loved it!!! We were taught how to row by our teacher Ciaran, who is a three time National Champion in Rowing, and some of the National Champion female rowers from the club, Francis, Emma, Aoife and Ailish. We would like to thank everyone in Offaly Rowing Club for having us out today and a special thank you to the president of the club, Frank.We learned a lot under his careful tuition and guidance. We enjoyed our day immensely and will hopefully see you all on the water soon. Take a look at our pictures to see what we got up to.

5th and 6th Class School Tour- June 14th, 2017

We went to Dublin to the Natural History Museum and then to Jumpzone in Sandyford for our school tour.

In this museum we found unique objects and fascinating specimens. This museum is also known as ‘The Dead Zoo’.

The building is a ‘cabinet-style’ museum designed to showcase a wide-ranging and comprehensive zoological collection and has changed little in over a century.

We had so much fun looking at all of the fascinating animals and skeletons throughout the museum.

After this we went to the park in Merrion Square and we had a picnic on the grass. We played in the playground there as well. It was so much fun!! We then went to Jumpzone. This is an indoor trampoline area. We played dodgeball and had races on the trampolines and did flips. We were wiped on our way home and everyone had a siesta on the bus.

Take a look at some of the pictures from our day.

School Assembly- June 2017

Junior Infants singing their ‘Kindness’ song for our Ethical Studies presentation.

Matthew giving his speech to the school as head of the Student Council.

The Boys football team receiving their medals for getting to the final in the Cumann na mBunscoil final in May.

Best Handwriting Awards

Best Attendance Awards-2017

Junior Infants Best Attendance

Senior Infants Best Attendance

2nd Class Best Attendance

3rd Class Best Attendance

4th Class Best Attendance

5th Class Best Attendance

6th Class Best Attendance

Welcome Back to school everyone!! Introducing our brand new 6th Class who are so excited to show you all of our upcoming events, displays, samples of work and general day to day of what goes on in 6th class in Tullamore Educate Together. We hope you enjoy our blog. Keep checking back here as we regularly update our blog. Enjoy!!!

Buddy Bench, Friday September 29th, 2017.

Today we had the official opening of our Buddy Benches in school.

The buddy bench is a simple idea to eliminate loneliness and foster friendship on the playground.

Our Buddy Benches were made by the Mens Shed Movement.

One of our Buddy Benches has been dedicated to a past pupil of the school called Patryk Kubacki who tragically died in 2015. Patryk’s family came to the opening ceremony and his mother cut the ribbon.

Third class introduced the Buddy Benches through Drama and Music. They were so good!!


3rd Class using Drama and Music to introduce the new Buddy Benches in school.


Green Flag Ceremony, Friday September 29th, 2017

Councillor Tommy McKeigue was present for our Green Flag ceremony and he helped raise our second Green School Flag. After this, our school choir sang a beautiful song to celebrate the occasion.


Time to Party!!!!

With all of these ceremonies and celebrations what better way to end the week than a school party!! Thanks to our PTA Chairperson, Helena for organising such a super party. We had so much fun!! There was a DJ, bubbles, party guitars and microphones. We were exhausted going home!!! Take a look at all of our pictures to see what fun we had in school!


Offaly Primary Schools Cross Country Championships- October 6th, 2017.

On Friday October 6th, four boys and four girls were chosen from 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th classes to represent our school at the Offaly Cross Country Championships. We trained really hard in the weeks coming up to the races. However, on the day we did not place in any of the races, but we ran really well and everyone had a great time. Have a look at some of our pictures from the day.

Maths Week- October 14th – 22nd, 2017.

Due to hurricane Ophelia and the school being closed on Monday and Tuesday, we are only getting round to participating in our Maths week today, Wednesday October 18th. Our teacher Aisling has lots of fun games ready for us to play and make Maths more active throughout the week. Usually we plays Maths games during our Maths lessons everyday, but this week they are even more interactive. Look at our giant Snakes and Ladders Multiplication and Division game. We love this game and we are practising our Maths whilst also having lots and lots of fun!! Check back here for more pictures to see what else we got up to during Maths Week!!


We also did a Maths Trail around the school. We partnered up a went along the corridors of the school measuring various heights and counting various objects. It was lots of fun! We can’t wait until our next Maths Trail!!

ONE DAY TOGETHER- Dress Up Day- Friday October 27th, 2017

Here’s a look at our weird and wacky class for dress up day. Everyone made such an effort and we had so much fun for our last day of term.

Our mad Scientist teacher, Aisling, had plenty of science experiments for us to practise and have fun with. James for 4th class and Shauna from 5th class also got in on all the activities!


We also had lots of games for Halloween that we played in class and enjoyed on the day.


Science Day in Tullamore College- November 10th, 2017

Today we were invited to the Tullamore College to partake in Science Day. We had the opportunity to visit the Science labs where we got to see really cool science experiments in action. There were experiments in Biology, Air Pressure, Sound and Electricity, Chemical Reactions and many more. Take a look at our pictures to see the fun we had!!


Monday- November 13th

Today we started off our Science Week with a STEM challenge of building a newspaper tower from a limited amount of supplies. The only supplies children were given were: 7 newspaper dowels and two feet of masking tape. They were told that their “tower” needed to be a free standing structure (not taped to the table and not being braced by books, folders, pencil cases, etc.) and they were only allowed to use the supplies they were given by the teacher.

Tuesday- November 14th

Today we designed and made our own football player launcher. We were in teams and we were given materials by our teacher to make a launcher. This was such a fun STEM challenge and really tested our design ideas. We then went outside to launch our football players and see which teams launcher was the most effective.

Wednesday- November 15th

Today we were set the challenge of making a bridge using only newspaper and some tape. We had learned from our challenge on Monday the importance of having a solid structure. Today our bridges were so strong that they held all of the weights from our Maths equipment!!!

Thursday- November 16th

Today we were making a simple circuit using tinfoil, batteries and a light bulb. This was so much fun. When we had made the light bulb light up, we then tested certain objects to see which objects were insulators and which items were conductors of electricity. We really liked this STEM activity.

Shoebox Appeal- December 2017

The Shoebox appeal is a gift given right into the hands of some of the world’s most vulnerable children – many of whom will receive no other gift during the Christmas Season. For some it’s the first gift they’ve ever received. Here at Tullamore Educate Together we wanted to get involved and help to spread the love, joy and cheer at this time of year. We did a great job and hope that we helped other children at this time of year.


Canathon- December 2017

Tullamore Educate Together started a Canathon appeal for the Holiday Season. Each class were asked to donate cans of food to less fortunate people in our community. The children did a supper job of collecting cans with the slogan “I Can, You Can, We Can”. This was a really special message to deliver to people, as this shows what our school is all about. Together we can do amazing things.

The Senior Classes created a little competition between themselves. They aimed to collect the most cans as a whole class and to demonstrate teamwork. The coveted prize was a Homework Pass for the whole class.

6th class won the canathon with a whopper 123 cans.

Well done to everyone who was involved!!!

   6th Class Student Council Members:            5th Class Student Council Members:

Karolina and Joshua                                      Almira and Hamza

   4th Class Student Council Members:          3rd Class Student Council Members:

Simon and Jessica                                         Aoife and Adnan


Some of the food and cans that were donated to the Canathon Appeal by the children and families of Tullamore Educate Together.

Presentation Projects by Sixth Class

Here is a sample of a few of the projects that Sixth Class have researched and created. The boys who created these projects then had to present these projects to the class and answer any questions that people may have had. They did a great job and they were very interesting topics that they chose to do.

Adrijus researched this project about World War 2.

Nikita researched this project about the clothing brand Supreme and its origins.

Harry Glavin researched this project about Real Madrid. There was a lot of information to be recorder as you can see.

Class Debate- Are footballers paid too much money in the Premiership?

We had a class debate on the topic of Are footballers paid too much money in the Premiership? This was really fun. We set the classroom up in a debating style. We had an adjudicator, a time keeper and two teams- one for the motion and one against the motion. We debated this motion but everyone still has different views on this topic. I suppose that’s what a good debate is all about!!!

The Vitruvian Man


In History we have been studying The Renaissance. We have been learning about the Renaissance Men and their theories. Leonardo di Vinci had a theory that the span of a man’s (or woman’s 🙂 ) arm length is the same as his (or hers) height. So we decided to test this theory for ourselves. As you can see from the pictures we had a great time testing this theory. We measured each others arm span and then compared that to our height.

Conclusion: It worked!!!!! Our arm span length was the same as our height! Amazing!!!

Friendship Week- Feb 5th

Here is our classroom door and motto for the upcoming Friendship Week on February 5th. This is a week where everyone is kind and thoughtful towards each other. Our teacher wants us to think about what we say to each other and to make sure that it is positive and puts a smile on their face. It is very important that we are nice to each other as you never know what is going on in someone else’s mind or thoughts. So be nice to each other and spread the love!!!

Engineering Week- February 26th- March 2nd

On Tuesday February 26th, we went to Birr Theatre to see an engineering show called “Who Wants to be a Superhero?”. This was a really fun show and we learned lots of new things while listening and interacting with the engineer on stage. We saw lots of cool demonstrations and some of us even got to go up on stage. We also saw lots of videos about other engineers that are working in various fields of engineering all over the world. Take a look at our pictures to see what we got up to!!


Maya from 3rd class helping to build a solid bridge from different shaped bricks.

Testing out the bridge to see if it can hold a persons weight.


Jazmine and her fellow 4th class friends helping out the engineer when they were checking body temperatures with an infrared gun.

Spelling Bee- Tuesday, February 26th.

Our school hosted the regional Spelling Bee again this year. 5th class took part in the Spelling Bee this year. Alexa made it round 4 with the winner coming from Ballybrian N.S, Oisín Mackin. Well done Oisín, you did a great job!!


See if you can spell all of the words from Round 4, 5 & 6. Some of them are really tricky!!

Round 4 : Umbrage, quarrel, peninsula, jurassic, senile, dishearten, tendency, manipulate, vacuum, oxymoron.

Round 5: Magnesium, flatulent, unacceptable, therapeutic, teleconnection, migraine, modulate.

Round 6: Bicentennial, Entomology, dysfunction.

Seachtain na Gaeilge- Márta 1ú- 17ú

Is féile idirnáisiúnta Ghaeilge í Seachtain na Gaeilge, atá ar an gceiliúradh is mó dár dteanga agus dár gcultúr dúchais a bhíonn ar siúl in Éirinn agus in go leor tíortha eile gach bliain.

Tóg a bóg é agus féachaigí ar na bpóistéir go halainn a tharraingt muid inniú.


World Book Day March 2018

We had so much fun for World Book Day. Take a look at our photos to see all of our fabulous costumes. We had so much fun and everyone made such a great effort to dress up as their favourite character from their favourite book.

Ceilí 2018- Seachtain na Gaeilge.

Bhí ceilí ar scoil inniú. Bhí spóirt mór againn. Rinne gach rang damhsa deas agus ansin, rinneamar an damhsa “Shoe the Donkey” le chéile. Bhí sé go hiontach. Thaitín sé go mór linn.

An Siopa- Seachtain na Gaeilge- Déardaoin, 15ú Márta

Bhí siopa againn inniú le Seachtain na Gaeilge. Bhí Rang a Sé os cionn an siopa. Thug na tuismitheoirí go léir cáca bheaga deasa, cáca milis, milséain agus rudaí go léir. Bhí alán rudaí againn. D’usáid muid frasaí mar seo: Céard be mhaith leat?, Ba mhaith liom….., Cé mhéad atá ar?, Seo duit do soinséail, Go raibh maith agat, Tá failte romhat.

Taitníonn muid an siopa go mór linn!!!

Enterprising Student Awards- April 18th 2018

On Tuesday Ervin from 6th class attended the Offaly Enterprise Board’s Most Enterprising Student Awards 2018 in the Tullamore Court Hotel.

Ervin devised a debit card system for the classroom economy instead of using cash. Each week the children earn (fake) money from the teacher in order to buy coupons of their choice as a reward for their work in the classroom. Ervin devised this debit card system in order to rid the classroom of cash and become more technologically savvy. He wrote the programme in 30 minutes.

6th Class Rowing Trip- April 19th, 2018

Active Week- April 23rd-27th, 2018

During Active Week we took part in lots of fun activities. We played Rounders, played basketball, did pilates, we played hurling and we went for a 1 mile walk around the estates next to the school. This was such a fun week in school and it inspired us to be out and about and to be active rather than staying indoors in the evenings. Here’s a look at some of the fun activities we got up to.


5th class vs 6th class Rounders game.


We played basketball with Ptchemik.


Pilates with Michelle.


We played hurling with Conan.


We walked 1 mile with the whole school getting involved.

Boys Football: April 19th, 2018.

The boys football team played Cloneyhurke N.S in O’Brien Park, Tullamore. The boys played a super match winning 10-3 to 3-11. Well done boys!!!

Girls Football: Friday April 27th, 2018.

The girls football team played Cappagh N.S in Kilclonfert. Sadly, the girls lost 0-11 to 0-7. However, they played their hearts out and were winning up to half time. They were hard beaten and Cappagh had to work for their victory. Well done girls and hard luck.

End of Year Boy vs Girls Football match- Friday, May 18th, 2018

To finish off our Cumann na mBunscoil and to celebrate how well our teams did again this year, Shauna and James decided that they would have a girls vs boys football match and the whole school would watch and cheer them on. It was all for fun and everyone had a great time!! Cathy gave her pep talk to both teams and all the boys and girls had lots of fun cheering on the boys and girls from both teams.

April Assembly 2018

Junior Infants sang a song for their Core Value of Kindness. They did a super job and everyone enjoyed it immensely.

Handwriting Awards for April 2018

May Assembly 2018- Handwriting Awards

5th & 6th Class School Tour- Monday, May 28th, 2018

Today we had our School Tour. We went to Causey Farm in Co.Meath. It was so much fun. We went on a tractor and trailer ride to the bog. Then, we went bog jumping and got really, really dirty!!! After that, we went back to the farm and went around the petting farm and saw so many cute animals. We saw puppies, geese, a gigantic pig called Gloria, lambs and ponies. It was spectacular. On our way home, we stopped in Supermacs in Mullingar for some food and ice-cream. We had the best school tour ever!!!

June Assembly 2018

Cathy and Diana presenting her patchwork quilt that she has being working on all year.

Best Attendance 2017-2018 for Junior Infants

Best Attendance for 2017- 2018 for Senior Infants

Best Attendance for 2017-2018 for 1st Class

Best Attendance for 2017-2018 for 2nd Class

Best Attendance for 2017-2018 for 5th Class

Best Attendance for 2017-2018 for 6th Class

Best Attendance for 2017-2018 for overall attendance, Missing zero days

Best Handwriters Awards for June

Best Attendance for 2017-2018 for 3rd Class

Best Attendance for 2017-2018 for Ashton from the Arc

Best Attendance for 2017-2018 for 4th Class